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Well, a snowy day in Michigan paved the way for a search to find a suitable digital download format. The last one I had, although sound in it's idea, had flaws. This new one is pretty slick. I am in the process of uploading it all. I have 3 of them done, and they are $8.00 each


I would like to test this, so I will take a volunteer if you would like a FREE download of Briggs or Rice ( that is all I have done right now. ) All I need is an email address - no weird strings attached. You will just get a link to download the songs.

BUT...you must report how it worked as a consumer.

Send me your address in a message here, and I'll shoot it out. I'll take the first caller.

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I will help you test out your new format. E-mail is leatherstocking46@comcast.net


Tom Taggart

Okay thanks Tom. Please tell me how it goes.


I just finished downloading the files for the Rice tunes.  I am new to music downloads from the Internet and know nothing about it.  I found the files to be very easy to download especially for a computer challenged person such as am.  They sound great and I highly recommend anyone with an interest in these old tunes to get a copy.  Thanks for letting me help with your test and getting a copy of the files.  I have been playing the minstrel banjo for less than a year and have found this site and your web site to be very helpful.  Thanks again,

Tom Taggart

Thanks Tom. Now, how is it after they download? They should be by title. Can you place them in a useful folder after that to be accesible?


Yes, I used the Windows Media Player that is part of Windows 8.1 and it saved the files as I downloaded them from the site.  I was able to place them in an album and can play them with the Windows Media Player.  They appear in my album in the same order and with the same titles as on the web site.  Works great.  Thanks again.


Well, I am impressed with the service of this company. Thanks for the time. I may revamp some of the files for navigation, giving them a prefix like BU1-Buckleys Jig signifying that it came from the first Buckley Album, and making it better if multiple downloads occur at once.

It is all set. Good clean safe downloads. I hope you all like them......they are all the songs in the important early banjo tutors of the 19th Century.


Hey, I have a great $5.00 download. 28 tunes representing all the banjo books.

Payloadz is very cool....try it here



I have all the tutors up now for $5.00 each with a great download in Zip format. This is music, not text. Coming soon are tab books, including the Buckley 1868 now in the editing process.

Briggs' ( 2 volumes )


Buckley 1860 ( 3 volumes )

Winner's 1864

Yellow Converse

Green Converse (2 volumes )

Buckley 1868 ( 2 volumes )

Christy's Banjo Book

The Banjo and How To Play it 1872-Frank Converse

The Analytical Banjo Method - Stroke Section of book

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