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I'm trying to pinpoint some of the Virginia Minstrels' performances in Virginia. I found a newspaper article that mentions them performing in Richmond before the war. The wording of the article is such that its a return engagement.

I'd like to find if the Virginia Minstrels ever performed in Lynchburg, Virginia. If so, it would be golden to find a date, year, and/or location.

Thank you for your help,

Greg Starbuck

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The original Virginia Minstrels (Dan Emmett, Billy Whitlock, Dick Pelham, and Frank Brower) were together for only 6 months in 1843. The formed in NYC, did some shows in Boston, did at least four shows in March 1843 in my hometown (Worcester, MA) and then did a tour of England, which caused their breakup. I can't find any mention of a Southern tour.

What year does your your newspaper article mention? If it is later than 1843, then it is some other group calling itself the Virginia Minstrels (I have seen a reference to Christy's group being called "Christy's Virginia Minstrels).

Hope this helps.


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