Minstrel Banjo

For enthusiasts of early banjo

Here are 4 versions of this popular classic.

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And one more...from a later Dobson book. Renamed and dotted, but still the tune.


Thank you! 

Okay....anybody gonna tab this one?

Hail, Hail Mr. Twiss, great song, perfect timing for me, I was kinda standing here wanting a new song or something to jump start me again, been working on my new Dobro, and needed to drift back over, just to keep thinks going. Now to try and do this tune some justice.!

I recommend # 3. This is from the Green Converse book.

Dobro. My next purchase. 

Tim, I will work from #3 :)

Hmmmm. This song is harder than it first looked. My fingers are fighting me, but it feels good to be playing. 

Stare it down. Don't let it get ya.

The versions in Ryan's are worthy of a look. It is written as a Reel AND a Strathspey.

You can see why the key adjustments were a good choice in creating a banjo arrangement.

That was pretty good fun with "Tune of the Week". I hope people enjoyed checking out this tune and the interpretations. If you don't post or play, I hope it is one that you can be working on and have in your repertoire soon.


Funny, Tim, I was thinking this morning about how I am NOT ready to post this piece. It has served as a challenge for me-and I like that. When I get it down I will hit record and share with this kind community. 

Tune of the week has helped me stay motivated to pick up my banjo and just play. I've jumped out of my "I can't play rut" and am also working on Flint Hill Special, a tune I never would have attempted before.

Thank you!!

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