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It sure is quiet here. Does anybody want to do something like a Tune Of The Week again?

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Hey....maybe stay with this geographic theme. Rappahanock Jig??   

I can't find this one in any of my books. Assuming it's different than the neighboring Chickahominy Jig. I have special interest in these as I live next to both...Any way I need a hook up on the tab...

Page 30 of the Buckley 1860 book

Found it!! I was looking through my hard copy books, instead of the downloads...

Nice! Rapahanock Jig sounds great. Don't think I've learned that one yet either.

It's a kickass song. One of the best. And I'll put up a tab

That last bass note on the A and B parts is weird. I don't get how to play it and play the notes that come after it on beat.

Those are two even eight notes, with an open "A".

Ahem.... M 11?

Whoops....thanks Paul. Copy and Paste got away from me. 

Talking about the 3d note of the measure on the 1st string?? Should be 3 instead of open??...I was using the Converse note/neck/"tab" chart and my 3s are Tim's 4s and my 4s are Tim's 3s...slowly but surely, I'll get ahold of this notation sight reading thing. So far, it still just looks like dots, a weird Morse Code lol

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