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I have paid $240 for this site for another year .  The payment widget I used to use is no longer available, so the procedure is a little different this year.  You can mouse over the word Main up above and then click on Donate, or you can go to this link:


 Thanks your your support!

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$180 to go!

Ian...repost your "fundraiser" video again. We'll be over the top in  no time.

$120 to go!

Wow!  Less than a day and we are good to go for another year!  Thank you to all of our patrons!

Any consideration to the next level where audio can be posted?

Am I too late to help? I couldn't get into any of the donation links.

We are going to have to switch over to Ning version 3 at some point in time.  I think when we do so we can consider making the change.  I'm not sure whether we can make a change to a different plan without upgrading as well.  If we get the pledges to fund the advanced features (we'll need another $240) then I'll upgrade us.

John, yes you can upgrade to the '2.0 Pro level'.  But that'll cost you twice what you pay now, and all you'll gain really is a dinky music player which is not very good I can tell you first hand.  Most folks prefer using the video feature.  In Ning version 3.0 we will all lose the Ning music player anyway, so perhaps better not to have people begin loading tunes to one at this point anyway.

You can switch back and forth between Mini, Plus, and Pro plans in Ning 2.0 still (I'm guessing you are currently on the Plus 2.0) and also between annual payment and monthly payment.  You can do all that without moving to 3.0 yet.  But it looks like 3.0 is still a long ways off- Ning's progress on it seems to be slowing down more and more, and it still lacks a Member Video feature, Search, Chat, Photo albums, slideshows, and Events features, and has a large number of glitches... so even though you 'can' migrate to 3.0 with Ning's help..I don't think you'd want to migrate to it yet.  My 2 cent advice is to keep everything the way it is now for a while yet.

I was not impressed with the audio player when I played with it.  I'm glad you confirmed it.

What is the "jukebox"?

It seems cool over on the Classic site

It seems to me like an added 3rd party widget, not provided by Ning.  But (and I might be wrong) it appears members cannot add tunes to it- only the people who run the site and configure the widget.  You select tunes from the playlist there, to listen to.  Should ask the really nice man!   ;D

The Classic site is great. The site itself and the activity.

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