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I am often asked about the whereabouts of Terry Bell. I do not know. 

Please do not ask me any more. 

Good luck to those with outstanding transactions. I am as dismayed as the next guy.

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I promise not to ask again. I meant to thank you for trying to help. If I contact again it'll be music related. 

Thanks again

That was by no means directed at you Kevin. Sorry. There have been several since he "dissapeared" and I have no explanation for these people. I alligned myself with him during these fun collaborations, and I am the one left in the line of fire. I play his instruments and recommend them, but it makes it uncomfortable when transactions are left unfulfilled.

I am guilty of this as well a while back. I owes yeh a beer :)

Now that I think about it I can't really say what I thought you could do I just figured it was worth a shot.

I've got a neck he made for a rim I had (the rim was from a Flesher kit banjo, I loved the rim but hated the neck).

I sent him the size I wanted and pictures of how I wanted it to look and he did exactly what I asked for-- it is my "trick banjo."

I love it.  Shame he has fallen on difficult times and has not kept up with business.

Yeah, I've heard nothing but very good reviews for his work and prices.  It is a shame.  If he'd just communicate, I'm sure it would be easier for his customers to employ patience.

Just to be clear, my comment has nothing to do with his product, only his behavior in public commerce.

I sure love my beautiful Bell Stichter banjer... it's a gem.  That said, I did experience some frustration with timing and communication towards the end of waiting for its arrival a couple years ago. 

To make things worse (and this had nothing to do with Terry)- after waiting 9 months for my wonderful custom banjo and I was so excited... the delivery guy put it inside the unheated garage of someone down the street who was away for the winter. !!!   Only he knew where he had delivered it to, it was merely marked as 'delivered'.  Thus no one would ever have known its whereabouts until Spring, had I not insisted they call the delivery guy back again ...he was already an hour's drive away by that time, on his way back to the delivery hub... to retrieve it, in the dark, from 'wherever' he had delivered it to, and bring it to me.  !!!    I got more than a few grey hairs that day.    Gaaaaaaaaghhh!   =8-0

Just out of curiosity, has anybody been able to reach him successfully since this message was posted? 

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