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I was talking with a member of an other banjo group.  He suggested a tuning for tenor banjo that seems to suit my tenor gourd very well.  It is patterned after North African Ngoni tuning and is CDGD.  What an experience.  It has opened the voice of my tenor to a more naturally low register.    The above link gives more information about the instruments.


Has anyone else tried this tuning?  I am NOT a banjo scholar.  Please excuse any discrepancies in what I have written here.  I am simply a folk musician who found out something interesting today. 





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Extremely cool instruments!  I learned an African tune I play on an old minstrel banjo, and the low tuning sounds very good indeed.  I love that sound.  It gives you a wonderful feel for where this music originates from.--Rob Morrison

If you bring your tenor gourd with the CDGD tuning to the Antietam event, I'll bring my ngoni.

Thanks, fellas:


I will be at the gathering.  Can't wait to meet other enthusiasts.  Sure thing, Greg.  I absolutely will bring my tenor gourd.  See you then.

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