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Does anybody think it worthwhile to do banjo lessons with Skype? I teach music for a living, but have no banjo students in the shop. Minstrel banjo players are all over the planet. You can respond here with general comments, but contact me off line if you are interested. I would see it as an opportunity to specifically focus, having the materials sent ahead of time for viewing and discussion. I would do the first couple to somebody free, as I get used  the format. You could pick the topic ahead of time.

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Tim I would be totally into that. I have often thought about asking if you would do a video for some of the parts I have issues with.  This would be great. 

Okay you guys that contacted me...I'm set up.

My skype name is timothy.twiss1

Add me in, get in touch. We'll set one up. I just need to know what you want ahead of time so I can prepare/send material.

This should be awesome.


Yes, I'll be sticking to a one on one with this, especially as I get familiar with it. I got inspired after some of the discussions at the gathering the other day. Information is one thing....interaction is another. This helps complete the meaning of the information. And sometimes it can be something that takes it into another direction completely.

I wish I had skype when I started...wow.


So, I did a Skype session with mark Hawkins on Saturday. I sat there sort of stunned for a moment, not quite comprehending how easy it was. There we were, talking and playing in real time...(not sure about playing at the same time...that was a little weird) but certainly the dialouge and the music were as though we were in the same room.

If anybody is interested, contact me PM for a rate and time. Can do it on a regular basis.....or onesy twosy songs. Price will include forwarding materials ahead of time, and / or stuff afterward that came up i.e. PDF files and MP3's.

Don't wait...hook up now. It's fun!

Not sure if you knew this you can record Skype calls too...  There is a few recorders out there.  


Its been a while since I used it... BUT I think to record it does require the consent from both parties also. 

There are several others recorders out on the web also... 

Great way to play back your lesson. 

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