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OK, let's try this a second time around.

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I'm in! Too bad you couldn't snag all the old stuff from Rob and just ressurect the site as it was.

Hope it "takes" this time.

Thanks for doing this.

Though I am relatively new at this, I really do appreciate the minstrel banjo sight. Thanks for bring it lo life again.
I haven't been doing too much composition lately. I've rather been digging into a variety of songs like Cottage by the Sea, Hallelu Band, and the Raging Canal. I've also been working on improving my overall playing.

Hallelu band is fun because Converse included a banjo part in the sheet music. I find it to be challenging. Playing songs can be interesting because you have to work out a banjo part, which can be creative work.

Right now I'm scratching my head over Lynchburg Town. The scores that I have found for this do not match any of the recordings that I have heard, and when I compare the common fiddle scores for Lynchburg Town in Converse's 1865 publication it does not match very well at all. You can see what I mean in the attached file.
Here is that comparison, last time I added a file it was huge. There is a lot of clashing between the Converse part and the vocal, playing these to parts against one another sounds awful. If I were to try to sing the published melody line it would sound awful with the Converse part.
Unfortunately that link did not work. If you can think of another way of getting me that pdf I'd appreciate it.
I'm baack! Glad the site is back, and happy to see y'all.

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