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Try this one from Ryan's Mammoth. Looks like it lays pretty well. Almost seems like it should be in a Buckley book.
I'm inspired to be a little more creative after hearing John and Carl.

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Looks like a good one. Perhaps we should also video ourselves doing some clogging. Or maybe not.
Hah! Actually, when I was looking at the Keel Row reel in the book, I was working out the dance instructions written underneath. Since John and I were dance masters at a ball I was debating having everyone dance the reel as my arrangement!
Elaine, what is the ideal tempo for clogging?
Tim, I'm sorry my answer took so long. Since I don't clog, I don't really know. I found an 1870s book on clogging on Google books, but no preview. So I checked YouTube. I like this clogging video
It's a nice easy tempo. The problem with dance tempos is how much they vary. For example, an Irish step dance will do a reel at a different tempo than I would want it at a Civil War ball. I think being able to breath while dancing is important. :) Hope that's some help, wish I could be more definitive!
Thanks Elaine. It is helpful to actually see dancers and be mindful of tempos as these fiddle tunes are interpreted. Any other comments you can share are helpful.
Hats off to Tim and Carl. I was having fits over playing that far up on the neck, particularly measures 3&4. Both of you used the same fingering, which looks fairly clean. I'm going to have to practice my way through that for a few weeks...

It is a fun tune, it stands up to either a moderate or quick tempo.
Great job guys. John, I think that fixed position makes those passages easier. Carl jumped down for the final notes of the phrase, but we seemed lock into the other stuff about the same. A smoking tempo there Sam. John, I think I heard a few quotes in there. Did you create a written arrangement of what you did? I totally enjoyed seeing the different approaches this week.
The relationship of the fiddle repertoire and early banjo keeps getting clearer and clearer to me. Can't wait for next week's tune....whatever it is. Any ideas?
Here is the arrangement that I cobbled together
Slick. I'll try it.

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