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Hey, who is coming to the Early Banjo Blow Out in June??? I have registered, after missing it last year. Hoping for a good turnout! Anybody, at any level is welcome to this event. It turned my perspective upside down when I attended the first one  a few years back. If anything, you will know that you are not alone with this crazy hobby. Anybody need a link for the application?

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Okay, I'll try that again...

Hi All,

I tried to download the file for this, but it doesn't seem to be working, so I am copying and pasting the itinerary and registration form here for those who would like to copy and paste it into their word processing software.  Sorry about that. 

Can't wait to see ya'll.



National Museum of Civil War Medicine, Pry House Field Hospital Museum

Antietam National Battlefield


4th Annual Early American Banjo Conference

Exploring the Antebellum American Banjo in the 21st Century:

Definition, Representation, and Interpretation

June 24-26, 2011

(Itinerary as of 6/14/11)


Registration opens 3:00pm Friday afternoon



3:00pm            Registration/Check-in

8pm                 Show and Tell followed by Jam Session

9:00pm-8:30am  Camping in Pry Barn



8:30am                        Check-in, coffee and pastries

9:00                 Lecture—Bob Winans –PowerPoint Presentation, Early Banjo Makers: 1840s to 1870s

10:30               Lecture/Demo—Carl Anderton and Joel Hooks—“In Search of Juba”

12:00               Lunch (provided for registered participants)

1:00pm            Mentoring and Workshop Sessions (running concurrently)

Mentoring Session: Opportunity for learners to work with experienced players on technique, repertoire, and performance concepts

Workshop Session: George Wunderlich, moderator: banjo set-up, bridge building/nut slotting, etc.

2:30                 Lecture/Demo—Tim Twiss/Greg Adams—Banjo Roots vs. Banjo Revival: Antebellum Banjos

and the Civil War Sesquicentennial

4:30                 Dinner (on your own)

6:00                 Concert preparation

7:30pm            Concert

9:00pm-8:30am Camping in Pry Barn



9:00am                        Check-in

10:00am          Mentoring and Workshop Sessions (running concurrently)

Mentoring Session: Opportunity for learners to work with experienced players on technique, repertoire, and performance concepts

Workshop Session: (to be determined)

11:30               Wrap-up

1:00 pm           Mini-concert on the battlefield.


Mentoring during all breaks.

Friday evening dessert reception.

Lunch provided on Saturday.

Camping in Pry barn on Friday and Saturday nights.


Pre-register by completing form below and returning to Susan Rosenvold at 301-695-1864 or by email at pryeducation@civilwarmed.org.


This itinerary is subject to change without notice and is for informational use only.   



National Museum of Civil War Medicine’s

4th Annual Early American Banjo Conference

June 24-26, 2011

Pry House Field Hospital Museum

Antietam National Battlefield, Keedysville, MD









TELEPHONE  NUMBER:_______________________________________________________________


EMAIL ADDRESS:____________________________________________________________________


INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: _____________________________________________________________




MENTOR           MENTEE   (circle one)



If yes, what will you be presenting?



Registration Fee $50.00 per person      PAYMENT METHOD:


¨ Check              ¨ Visa                  ¨ MasterCard                   ¨ Discover


Name on Credit Card____________________________________________________________________

Credit Card Number_____________________________________________________________________

Expiration Date                                                   V-Number________________

The V-Number is a three-digit number found on Visa cards and MasterCards, on the back in the signature field and following the last four digits of the card number.  Example: 1234 567.



Please send payment to:

National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Attn: Education Department

P.O. Box 470

Frederick, MD 21705

Thanks for posting the itinerary Susan - Looks like way too much fun - Ican't wait!
Two more days! I can't wait either. At this point I think Carl and Joel are probably on their early banjo pilgrimage, Tim is practicing his banjo fingering gymnastics, and Bob is giving his banjos their marching orders. Onward to Antietam!

Hey Ya'll,

Recently, we had decided to change the time of the concert from 5pm to 7pm to facilitate a relaxing dinner and prep time.  However, it was brought to my attention that a great deal of publicity has gone out over the last year listing the concert as 5:00PM, so the concert has been shifted back to that time.  Sorry about the mix-up.  At next year's conference the concert time will be moved to 7PM.  I apologize for any inconvenience.



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