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Let me start by saying my new Bell Boucher kit is absolutely beautiful.
I do 'have a question though. About the nut. It a great piece of work its lovely
When I installed it in its slot the ends of the nut protrude out past the sides of the neck.
It is round on the ends and looks good. My question is. Are the ends supposed to do that?

Always learning

Ron H

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Yep. Mine is the same; seems to be traditional.

Thanks  Parker I appreciate the information

Ron H

My Sweeney does same thing. It felt weird at first but now I bank on it to know how far up to go back to get into position IE: my knuckle should be touching it in order for my finger to be correct distance from each note.

I actually come to rely on it to the point of having the right side of nut overhang a lil more on purpose on a few of my home made banjos

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