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Anybody who has my CD's, please note that what is labeled as BUCKLEY VOL 2...is indeed BUCKLEY VOL 3.

I will trace as many as I can, but please surface with addresses so I can correct this. You can tell...Volume 2 should NOT start with a waltz. That is Price's Waltz from Vol 3.

My apologies.


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D'oh!  I received the replacement vol. 3 disk you sent today and had the same revelation after listening to track 39 (Yankee Doodle)!  So, I now have two copies of vol. 3; one correctly labeled, one mislabeled as vol. 2.  I'll send one back!

Yea, my master was mislabeled.

so, if I understand correctly... I have 2 CDs of vol 3... one marked vol 2 and one marked vol 3 ... and I have no copy of Buckley vol 2... right?


That is correct. I'll send you the REAL # 2. Mark one of them as # 3 and pass it on to some unsuspecting soul.

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