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I am curious if anyone has any information about the role of the fiddle (not classical "violin") in popular music during the 19th century/minstrel period, particularly in relation to the banjo. For example, was the fiddle played in minstrel shows or other forms of popular music or "folk" music? Was it paired with the banjo, as is common in Old Time music (or later with Bluegrass)? Are there tutors, like for the banjo (or any such historical record/ historical teaching materials)? What songs were played and what tunings were used?  Would a modern fiddle be historically accurate or is there a "period" fiddle? Any information would be appreciated.



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The one you posted is different than Howe's New Violin Without a Master. Perhaps you have an earlier version?

Al Smitley said:

Ian, is this (I think I attached it) the one you speak of?  It is "Violin Without a Master" but I'm not seeing "Howe's".  Also, its pub date is 1850.

Also attached (I think) is the contents of Marches, Waltzes, Polkas, etc.  Which might be of interest to fiddlers wanting to create a list of period tunes.

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