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Should be on till 2pm then archived here


Thank you for posting this! Did anyone get to actually hear it?

I caught it all Greg, nice job. It looks like the archived show might not e posted until next week.

Thank you, Wes. I'm glad you heard it. I hope they'll make the show available so we can hear how it actually sounded. 

I'm thinking it will be. How did the Wednesday program go? Any chance that was filmed  and will be posted? I was tempted to go, but it's a little further than I like to travel on  a work night.

The opening went very well. Over 150 people attended, including several Boucher descendants (super cool!!). We gave a talk covering why banjo history matters, some exhibit backstory, and an overview of the exhibit's main themes--slavery, minstrelsy, industry, and Boucher and his contemporaries. Overall, it was very satisfying to have so many people in one place taking the time to care about this topic. We did hire a videographer to capture the formal talk, so once I get that, we'll decide what to do with it.

For those who are planning on coming to AEBG, we are currently organizing to have the first day (Friday) at the Baltimore Museum of Industry and then spend Saturday and Sunday at Antietam. 

I was passing by as someone was snapping a photo of our Dr. Bob Winans with three Boucher descendants, so I snapped one also:

Here are our heroes, Pete Ross at podium (so his chair is vacant), Greg Adams and Bob Winans had already spoken:

Part of audience applauding after the finale, possibly "Old Dan Tucker."

Wow! Excellent razyn! Thanks for posting.

Did not mean to imply that only part of the audience was applauding.  The rest of the audience is out of the frame.  About 15-20 were standing, they had grazed at the buffet too long and missed getting a chair.

Thanks razyn, nice pics. That's got to be George W. on the right int he third photo.

Great to see these photos.   :)

Greg: I'm glad to hear the opening went well. I'm looking forward to visiting the exhibit. I hope to be at AEBG this year...

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