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I recently discovered this piece of music and it's incredibly moving to me. I find it to be a mighty chunk of emotionally charged music. It really makes my heart quiver!

I know it isn't really minstrel music but was curious if any of the old banjo masters from back in the day have given this piece of music the banjo treatment. I googled but didn't find much.

It seems rather daunting but I think I wanna give it wack if nobody else has. Sumthin spacious and bass heavy as you would find in the second buckley book.

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Um, which one? I've found three so far in the Library of Congress. Three different composers, etc.

oh sorry I was looking at this one:


which i am thinking is this one:

Please don't laugh too hard if I am looking at and listening to two totally different pieces of music, I am new to this :) I did notice different names on video vs sheet music. But ideally shooting for what's on the video. Thanks helping me out.

Yah, different composers. The one in the video is also in the LOC...but is by W.J. Robjohn.


doh, the covers even match! what a beast, four pages. The proper sheet music makes it seem even more daunting.

It has too much empty space for the banjo, in my opinion. Requires instrumentation that has a lot of ringing sustain...like an electric guitar. ;-)

I was slowly reaching the same conclusion :\

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