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We have added the lessons page.  It is off to a good start, and we will be adding additional features as time goes by.  If you mouse over the lessons tab, you will see additional pages of resources, including books and websites.  Where possible, hyperlinks have been set up to take you directly to the selected resource.

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One additional thing should be added,  clicking directly on Lessons will bring you to the video lessons. To the side of the videos control are downloadable files relating to the videos.

This is great, John (and Greg and Tim!)  I think it will really be a help to people looking to get started who either haven't found their way to the instructor PDFs on Tim's site, or find them inscrutable.



Great stuff. Maybe you could add my page: http://www.classicbanjorm.com/earlyfingerstyle.html to the Website links? Although dedicated to fingerstyle minstrel banjo (which I'm sure you know is part of the history) it also contains a free download of the complete Briggs book in tab and standard notation.



Rob,  I've added your site.  If anyone missed this point, on the Music Book/Instructors tabs, there are direct links to many of the instructors that are available on-line.
Whoops, I did miss that point, and had clicked directly on the 'lessons' tab instead of hovering.  I wonder if ning provides any way to make those secondary links show up on the lessons page itself.

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