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Want to look this stuff right in the eye? Take the virtual tour, or better yet......go there.


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Thanks for posting that.  I think I've seen something about this but was not aware it was within a day's jaunt there and back.

Geez!  Didn't realize Big Rapids was that far north.  2 hrs and 47 minutes away!

I watched the online tour. Oh man......it is a must see. 

We should go Al.

Looks like it's closed on weekends.  Can you get away during the week?  If so, let's go before it starts snowing.


They have a huge wall display with the person (Rice) Jim Crow.....and the music behind it. 

However, on their webpage if you go to Special Features and drop down to "Jump Jim Crow" (video), the audio they provide is Henry Reed playing the fiddle tune "Jump Jim Crow" which bears no similarity that I can see with the T.D. Rice song "Jump Jim Crow".

I never listened to any music. But the larger picture and their point is to shed light on the origins of the song etc. Nice melody and a million verses, but pretty bad overall, considering you always sing the refrain in between verses.

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