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If a new Minstrel Banjo book were to come out, what would be the ideal format? Notes, Tabs, or both? Are fingerings helpful?

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Yes, I am. I need one.

You do too!!


It sounds good , just what I have been looking for and I would like one too please.
That is basically what I have been doing for myself over the past few years using Finale. At this point I have close to 100 songs.
Cool John. Can you share a page with lyrics and melody? I'd like to see your format.

What I try to do is to go to the original sheet music, and then I transcribe the melody line, as well as the chords from the music.  I've attached an example of I Go to Fight Mit Sigel, as well as a table of contents.  Keep in mind that most of these are vocal songs.  I have other books of various banjo tunes, dance tunes, etc. that I have acquired.

I really like the "fake book" idea, Tim. Having chords is the best idea yet. I often play the "standard" tunes at our local jam but w/o the chords, nobody will play along.

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