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I have a hotel double bed available for Sweeney event

Hi friends!

I reserved my room weeks ago at the Super8 Motel in Appomattox VA to attend the upcoming Sweeney & the Banjo Convergence (May 13-15).

The room I have has TWO full (double) sized beds, but looks like I'll be staying in the room alone for 4 nights- from thursday night through sunday night (I needed to schedule a full day of driving on either end of the weekend).

I'm putting out feelers to see if there is anyone (preference to a woman) or maybe a couple interested in staying in the other bed for any or all of those four nights (thurs night through sunday night starting May12th)

If you'd like to reserve that spare bed and share my room, you'd have to pay me in advance (and non-refundable) because then I'd be holding that bed empty for YOU.  

You should know that the Super8 is just a few minutes down the road to the gathering location, but it's not considered an upscale hotel by any means- it's a 'budget' motel and I hope it's at least clean.  It was the only room left available at that time, so I grabbed it.

I'd like to share with a woman if at all possible, and hopefully not a heavy snorer...?  Maybe that's asking too much...I'm also open to ideas.

If me and one other person in the room:

I'd divide the rate I'm paying in half for us for each of those nights as follows:

Either Thursday night or Sunday night:  your half would be $40 per night.

Either Friday night or Saturday night:  your half would be $115 per night.

(as you can see the motel charges far more for those two Fri/Sat nights)

My sharing the room with a couple is not out of the question either, but then I'd expect to divide the price into 3rds instead of 1/2...with the couple paying 2/3 on the nights that 3 of us stay in the room.

Let me know if you want to reserve that double bed or if you have questions or thoughts. You can email me privately at:  harmonia  (at)  taconic.net

If not, no big deal i can stay in the room by myself and just throw banjos and crumpets on the other bed.    ;D


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