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I've got a large banjo with a 29'' scale length that needs strings.  I think I can tune it to C with minstrel nylguts, but I'm not sure if I can make it to D, and that's where I'd like to tune to.  Does anybody have some suggestions for this?  Maybe some of you who have Stichter repros have a solution.  I also need some bridges for this banjo; they've got to be really tall and made of pine, with two feet.  Anybody got a good source for bridges?  

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Hey John, Minstrel Nylguts will do just fine ... a hair tight in D at 29" but OK, C will work but will feel loose. But if you want a scale length for both D and C, 29 is it.

Thanks for your help!  That's really good news... I always have this feeling that I'm going to break strings when I tune up my banjos, but now I can proceed with peace of mind.  Funny enough, my favorite tuning is D but at concert A=432, one of the more common concert pitches of the 19th century.  The tension should be perfect in that tuning!

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