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Hi everyone,

Just introducing myself.  I'm a long-time reenactor, almost 15 years doing Civil War and antebellum era.  When I was about 10 I wanted to play the violin, folks said "no".  a few years later it was the guitar, folks said "no".  Then I could play the drums for free in high school, folks said "free? yes!".  So I've drummed for many years, in drumline in college, off and on since growin up, marrying and having our first born.  

Anyhow, I really want to get back into music.  I'm not very good at reading it (drum music is all written on one line!), having only dabbled in guitar hear and there and picked up a few tunes on the tin whistle.  Not only would it be a blast to learn another instrument, but to do for my little guy's entertainment and then, hopefully, put it into play for a civilian interpretation that I can get my family into.  

I hope to get a banjo kit as I truly enjoy making whatever it may be that I will be using.  I just don't have the time to start from scatch, not yet. ;)  I'm sure I'l be buggin you all for advise!  


Matt Mickletz

They call me "Mutt"

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Welcome! Get started! Rate myself as a real novice but having a great time learning on a Hartel Boucher and a Wunderlich Tackhead.

HI Dan'l!

Been a viewer/occasional poster on the AC Board for many years.  It was going to the Music Forum that got me to thinking more about exploring a different period instrument.  I have a Cooperman drum that's, as one fella put it, a great instrument built well, but not authentic - which is very true considering the weight and feel of it compared to an original.  Instead of trying to de-farb it, I'll hang on to it to simply enjoy playing until I have the money to get a better one.

I've really enjoyed reading through discussions here, watching videos and really just taking it all in.  You all are dedicated, knowledgable group and I look forward to learning with and through you all!


Dan'l said:

Welcome Matt -


There a few of us who came to Minstrel Banjo through the hobby of reenacting, though that is not the focus here (for that see authentic-campaigner.com or cwreenactors.com, the music threads).  But boy, did you find the right spot to learn the style and advice and sources for a good instrument! ...  take an hour or so and search to find those topics in the old threads first.


I will be moving into civilian impression myself, as I'm looking more ridiculous every year to be a typical young soldier on the field. ;)



Sadly, no.  Too much goin on round home with the little guy.  Have to pick and choose events carefully this year.  I'm headed to a "mainstreamer" local event with my dad at the end of April, just to get out.  Might go to Hopewell Furnace in the Fall to do civilian.  

Dan'l said:

Will either of you be at Shiloh in March?



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