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2009 is now gone and all I can say is good "joy go wid it too!"

This year has seen my wife in the hospital five times including four weeks in the ICU of Hopkins, the marriage of my oldest, the engagement of my oldest son, a graduation, loss of my wifes ability to drive for at least two more months the moving out of half of my kids and a level of stress I did not know could exist. It has also seen a doubling of museum programs, the founding of a new national institute at the Museum and a severe decline in finances all in the face of an overall loss of staff. I am glad 2010 is here.

I am trying to get my life back and banjos has been a great loss for me. I am glad any of you are still speaking to me, especially Greg who has suffered from my absence in additional workloads and frustration. Now is the time to plan while I am on a needed vacation.

I think that late August might be best. This is just before I start back to school and after the summer is pretty much over for the school kids. If this works for you, I will contact the MAryland Council for the Humanities and solicit their support. Main question is location. Do we want the Pry or do we want a college with break-out rooms and air condidtioning ?

LEt's start there and then work the details.

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Hi George,

I hope 2010 is as good for you and your family as 2009 was bad. Late August is perfect for us. We'll have gotten the college kids back to school, and should have an open schedule. I love the atmosphere at the Pry house. Being outdoors in that kind of weather might also make a good workshop for getting the most sound out of your banjo when the weather is hot and humid...
Hello George,
Sorry about 2009 for you--but 2010 should certainly be better! And heck--you married off a kid--that is a triumph in itself! :)
I did sell my lovely Hunchback and know it was almost immediately resold--but don't know where it is now?
Did anyone ever contact you to say they have it?
It was a good friend and I received many compliments on its fine voice on the three CDs in which I recorded it.
But it was time to let it move on to someone new to enjoy as I wanted to give a chance to my Bowlin to be heard a little too. :)
Still hope we will meet someday. :)
Best wishes,
Mary Z. Cox
ps. Count your fortunes--you could have ended up like my poor husband-- with sassy grown kids like these--no one is married or has kids and all they want to do is travel and party--and a wife who plays and constantly buys banjos! :)

I'm not sure where "attendance" for AEBG III is being taken, but the sooner we strike a date, the better. I'll not book gigs around that, but like most folks, the ol' calander is filling up. I vote for the barn and Pry House. Too funky to change.
Oh, barn for sure! George, if you're looking for presenters, I'd like to give a talk on "The Life and Times of Frank B. Converse."

I'm no Dr. Bob Winans but I think I can make it interesting ;^}

Any weekend except the first weekend on August is good for me.
Welcome back, George!

I vote for the barn. Late August is fime with me. My wife is excited to get back to the outlet mall and the antique stores...and to have some of that great MD food...


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