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Hi folks, I will have a Republic "parlor" guitar for sale at the banjo gathering.

It has been played little, turns out I'm just not a guitarist.

Solid top, laminated sides, rosewood fingerboard, three on a plate open tuners, truss rod, cloth covered wooden case that zippers shut (it kind of fits the guitar). It comes complete with the wire strings that are on it!

But wait, there is more!  I left a "coffin" style guitar case in the barn last year that Kyle said they would hold for me… If they still have it, it also comes with the guitar.

The guitar, case, second "period" case, wire strings (installed) and bonus plectrum all for the low low price of…

$200 cash and carry.

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Hi Joel, I'm interested. Can you bring it to the AEBG so I can purchase it from you in person?
Hi Joel if the guitar is not spoken for i will buy it now $200 + shipping cost Mark Weems said it would be good for my son thanks. Scott danneker
Oops my son just said he would prefer to wait and not get it now. I feel very sorry for saying I would buy it and then not doing that. If you have any trouble selling it Antietam please let me know . Again, I amvery sorry for the false alarm. Scott danneker

Hi John and Scott.  I am sorry to say that I have been derelict in my social media updating duties.  The guitar has already been claimed by another of our group.  I should have known that a guitar would have been popular amongst banjoists.

Maybe I should get into the guitar selling business?

Good! I didn't need it but the price was right... I'm a guitarist first and foremost and a banjoist second.

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