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Perhaps we should seek out some fiddle players to join our group. It would be most beneficial to hear them play these tunes, and listen to how they are treated. I'm sure that those which came before us spent a lot of time around fiddlers hearing this music. Maybe Chuck Krepley would be interested in adding to our genre? It would be a whole new dimension to our Friday Post Series. The more I play these tunes, the more I become aware of the close relationship of Minstrel banjo and fiddle.

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oops. I pasted the wrone addy. This is the one: http://www.village-music-project.org.uk/roberts.htm

By the way, as a fiddler I get in trouble with violin players all the time as I hold my bow several inches up from the frog. This is actually a baroque era technique but most of the fiddlers I ever knew used it and when I started playing the tunes I found it suited me just fine.

Trapdoor2 said:

Let's see, that would be about 25mb total, not too bad. I uploaded a 10mb file to the classic-banjo ning site a week or two ago with no problem...other than it is just too big for most systems. ;-)

Most ISPs give you a block of server space when you sign up...you can upload your files there (and then let me know where they are and I'll download, convert and return the .pdf to you). Alternatively, you could post them to any number of free pic hosting services. Another alternative is "Pando" which works well for large file transfers. Zip all the pix together and 'pando' them to me.

Lots of ways to skin that cat!

Chuck Krepley said:
Images of those tutor pages average about 250K each. There would be 96 of them for Buckley alone. What would be the best way to get them to you without attaching one or two each to a whole bunch of e-mails?

Trapdoor2 said:

I have Adobe Acrobat Pro and can convert your photos to a .pdf file w/no problem. Let me know if you want to do that...you would just need to send me the pix or put them out somewhere were I can access them.

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