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That is interesting.  And I bow to your superior mechanical knowledge, Terry.  However, just looping the end of the string around itself a couple of times has worked fine for me all these years.
Thanks for posting this video Terry.
I have always used Ye Olde Slip Knot.

Carl's method IS the best - fast and easy.

The knots are used only when your string holes are close to the edge of your tailpiece.

Hi Terry, have just changed a full set of strings using the bowline knot that you demonstrate in your video.  Success... no more slipping knots.   Thank you.

I knew trhere had to be a reason why they tought me to do a bowline knot 60 years ago... Now's my chance to use it.... Thanks for the refresher course.



Very nice and clear demo!
Like Carl said, just loop your string on itself a few times - classical guitar style. But if you don't have the room to do it because many tailpieces are designed with the holes close to the edge of the tailpiece, then this is a no-slip fool proof way. Easier than it looks, isn't it?
I do use Carl's method , but on my classic guitar where it works fine.    My Banjo has a metal tailpiece with hooks and I found the bowline knot so much easier and it didn't slip, what I did was to make the loop with the knot and then just slip it onto the hooks.  Re stringing the banjo has always been a right pain until now. Thanks again. 

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