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I received a message via the Minstrel Banjo comment wall from Kay Mivedo and/or Thomas Kossi - neither are Minstrel Banjo members.  The message asked me to contact them for "vital information".  It appears the message may have originated in Africa.  I understand another Minstrel Banjo member has also been contacted by these people through Minstrel Banjo.  I recommend everyone use extreme caution if you receive any message from either of these individuals.

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Gosh, Vital Information from Africa. Maybe it's some really important banjo discovery? I think I'm going to get in touch with these people.

I think some spam accounts got activated and removed. I saw few people conversing with themselves on their own walls

Well, I only invested (and well spent) $9,000.00 but I have full access and part ownership in an original banjo from Africa. It has been promised that it will be shipped to me so that I can share it here in America very soon

Dang!  And I was going to suggest to you last night that you send me 10K and I would arrange all shipping and duty fees for you...  

Which you can still do if you want....

Plus I have vital info on your middle name, which I will throw in for free 

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