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Not really in the market for a gourd, but perhaps someday down the road.  I see lots of makers out there, but who do you think makes the best gourd banjo, and who makes the best gourd for your buck?

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It depends on how much buck you balk at.

Actually, I am very interested in this discussion. I would think my next banjo will be a gourd. I believe that having too many banjos would be like smiling too much, it can't really be done. :)

I think everyone will tend to like the one they ownand say it is a good deal. Most I have seen on this site are very nice, and always come at a reasonable price. I have experience with Jay Moschella ( the one I am currently playing ) as well as Bell gourd banjos....very nice.

Jay's banjo's do look very nice, not sure what prices they go for. I have seen Barry Sholder's banjos, they go for around $300.  They do not seem to look as authentic as some of the other banjo makers. (IMHO)  The banjo factory ones seem to be nice as well. 

Canaan, the only "authentic" gourd banjos are four stringers. They sound very different from the fivers and there is so much to learn by playing them.

I play 1 made by Barry Sholder in Georgia!! 

Price wise... I think of the three mentioned, Jay's are most, Menzies in the middle, and Sholder is lowest price....of those 3 makers.  Don't forget about Bob Thornburg's gourds as well, and David Hyatt has a good gourd banjer website with some makers listed as well: http://www.dhyatt.com/craftsmanship.html

One of my favorite makers is Pete Ross of Jubilee Gourd Banjos in Maryland: www.banjopete.com



I have a gourd banjo from John Salicco, Banjofactory.com. I have a great time playing and it's reasonably priced.

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