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Hi folks.  I just learned of this forum... one dedicated to Early banjo.  This is awesome!  


For those of you that don't know, I'm compiling a Series of 20 minute, one-on-one conversations with North American Banjo Builders.  I'm focusing on many of the current roster of fine builders of Minstrel banjos including: George Wunderlich, Jim Hartel, Pete Ross, Bob Thornburg, Jim Bowlin, Jason Mogi, Bob Flesher and Jeff Menzies.  



Volume 1 - Banjo Builders East of the Mississippi is finished and available at: www.northamericanbanjobuilders.com
www.elderly.com and 


I start Volume 2 - Banjo Builders West of the Mississippi in October.  


You can read and view more (previews) at:  www.northamericanbanjobuilders.com


These are wonderful folks making amazing instruments.  It is truly a renaissance time in banjo building.  What a great time to be a banjo player!   

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Hi, and welcome. I saw you over on the Hangout. I watched yopur preview. What a cool project. I was just in Ely....how is the fire situation now?  

Nice to see you here, Craig. Glad to see your focus on builders of antebellum banjos in this series!



I purchased the series and so far every segment has fascinated me to submission... definitely worth many spins... you hear the builders' stories, tour their shops and see their goods... very very fun stuff...

And thank you folks, for the friendly reception!  :)



I bought the DVD set from Craig a few weeks ago and I'm very happy with it.  Quite a bargain, too.  I 'm looking forward to the West of the Mississippi Set that is to be available next year.

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