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Fellow members,

I have paid out $239 to continue this forum for another year.  I would appreciate some financial assistance from our members.  You can help to reimburse me through Paypal, my email is masciale1@comcast.net.

Thank you!

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Is there a button or link or something like before? Or?

Hover your mouse over the Main button.  A donate menu item should appear. 

I have received $30 so far.  Thank you for donating!

Tim,  I picked up the full cost last year. :)

Timothy Twiss said:

OK. I don't recall that we chipped in last year.  

Ok, keep us posted on progress....

We are up to $49.12

We are up to $100. 

John, I PayPal'd you some money. Please let me know you received it.


Yes, I received your donation.  We are up to $140 now.

Thank you to all who have donated so far!

I believe I threw $20 into the kitty. Hope you are getting closer.

OK, We are up to $180!

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