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I had a vision...performance art. This tune, Van Bramer's Jig-get a lot of people to play it, but build it a little at a time. Imagaine 20 people playing it, including percussion. Start with a single player and add one or 2 each round. Simply build the intensity each time around. It's such a cool and hypnotic melody, with a crazy syncopated groove.

Anyway, I know it won't happen, but that was what  I saw when I was just playing it.


I hope this forum discussion is a free associating display of idea....as we wind into the June gathering.

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aw shit...that is so cool...OMG I truly can not wait. But I will. You guys are gonna have the best time...cant't wait to see some of the pictures and videos.

Where you staying Thursday night?

Cory's apartment.

Tim Twiss said:

Where you staying Thursday night?

I don't want to bust in and make it too crowded. You can let me know if it's cool. A shower in the morning would be great.


Performance art visions...rambling:

We have close to a full moon while we are. It would be cool to use this with Van Bramer's Jig.....using that hill just outside the bar...or let the moon creep through one of the gaping holes in the barn.....letting that tune build. If we were outside, it would be neat to shoot the moon, and have someone rise up over the crest playing the tune. One at a time he is joined until there is an entire hill full of players, layin' that one down.

Rogers and Hammerstein would be proud...what a vision Tim. I like it. I hope the momentum for this event keeps rolling  into next year. By the way, where can I find the musical notation for that song?

You want actual NOTES!!!!???

Yes! Thank you.

You got it!

Standing by...

Nicholas, it depends what you want to do.  If you bring a period tent you can camp up the hill from the barn.  I believe you are allowed to set up a modern tent in the woods where it can't be seen.  There are no modern facilities at the site (which doesn't bother me a bit, but it's good to know in advance)   There have some port a johns, we usually get washing up water from the Pry House hose.  A lot of people get hotel rooms.

We hung out with Carl & Cuffee last year at Gettysburg and had a great time.  We'll be driving in on Friday night too, Tim, but with 3 of us, room sharing isn't an option :)

Thank you Elaine. That's good to know. I unfortunately will not be able to make it this year, but I have every intention of being there next year, and camping out there would be something I am definitely interested in.

Next weekend folks! I bet everyone is excited. 

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