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I am sorry that I could not join you this morning for the final planning session.  An unexpected family health crisis prevented my return until you had all left.  

Susan passed along your ideas for next year and your hopes for the future and I agree with every one of them!  

Moreover, I want to thank you all for your personal support and your effort in making this AEBG such a success.  I was truly thrilled by all of the fantastic playing, Jim's great banjos and everyones willingness to both teach and learn.  

Your are a great bunch to hang out with and it has been my honor to have you!  See you next June 24th!  I can't wait!!!!

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It's not too soon to put this event on your calender. Those new people that have joined, don't miss this in June 2011. It's the best thing to happen to Early Banjo.
Yes, new folks...if you haven't heard about this, it is the single event to attend if you like Early Banjo. There are always informative presentations and lectures, and one of the best parts-hanging out with great people and actually playing. I was totally inspired by each one I went to, and learned a ton. It puts reality to some of these cyber-relationships. You can try and compare Minstrel Banjos...where else can you do that??
And if you another early banjo experience to augment the Gathering itself, join Joel Hooks and I for a visit to Frank Converse's grave at Woodlawn National Cemetery in Elmira, Ny. on Thursday, June 24th.  Mark Twain is also buried there.  We'll play lots of music, and get tuned up for the main event.
I am going to try and make this event. It would be great to "actually talk" to some of you, and play some tunes.
It'll be great to meet and talk to you, too, Scott.  Keep us updated on your plans.  Only 145 days to go! 

Scott House said:
I am going to try and make this event. It would be great to "actually talk" to some of you, and play some tunes.
We'll have name tags at the next one!

razyn said:
@ Ian -- we've already talked on this forum about your tin whistle, and about early accordeons, but I neglected to chat with you in person Saturday. Didn't know that was you, actually. The AEBG doesn't much go in for name tags; guess they didn't have those before 1865, or something.

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