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Hey, let's start the buzz. Who's going and where you coming from? I'll be there, from Michigan. Can't wait.

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Do I have the "little yellow book"?  Give me another name/title.

It is the other Converse Book of 1865. I'm sure you must. If you want notes, grab it off my site.

I'm not sure if this would be of any value to people who might attend and who play instruments other than, or in addition to banjo.  Most of the notation is taken from banjo books, so other instrument players might have to work out the melody in another way.  Also, all are in Briggs' tuning.


Al...you rock.

Thanks Al!

OK.....here is the banjo book.



Thank you Tim and Al.

Thanks for this- and Al, the SMN version is much appreciated too.

Just a month away and I am pumped. The barn...can't wait. Don't forget to browse the tune book.It will be a glorious clatter.

A glorious clatter- what a great phrase!

Yea....ha ha. I tell you, if you have never stepped away from the barn late at night and gone up on the hill, seen the glow of the inside and listened to the music, you have not experienced AEBG.

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