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I've seen several modern minstrel banjos for sale here recently, which makes me wonder are there ever any mid 19th century minstrel banjos for sale?

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Bernuzio Uptown Music often has 19th century banjos for sale:

Also you can sometimes find 19th century banjos on “Reverb.”

I own a really nice banjo from 1870 that I bought from Bernunzio. I’d look there. They get more inventory from collectors from time to time. Call them up and let them know the type of instrument you are interested in.

Thanks for your quick reply. I have bought from Bernunzio. Haven't seen much on Reverb--maybe I need to go there more often.

I have had luck on some of the online auction sites.

I was just wondering if the folks here on MinstrelBanjo ever buy and sell period instruments, or if modern replicas dominate. It is certainly easier to get the modern instruments...

On this site, I’d say modern replica instruments dominate.
Has anyone heard from Terry Bell in a while? I've emailed 3 times over the past few weeks, but no response, which is very unlike him.
Per his FB account last Wednesday he posted he's got a clean a bill of health and that he should be getting the banjos rollin out soon.

Hi Jim,

             In answer to your query, if you haven't already seen them 'Elderly Instruments' have at the present time two or three of the very instruments your asking about. I hope you've just won the lottery though if your interested in purchasing any of them. I would love to hear how they sound.



I did see those, and have been trying to find a friend willing to buy me the Boucher banjo for Christmas. So far, no luck...bunch of tightwads! lol

Try Bernunzio's Uptown Music.  They often have some.

I am in no way affiliated with Bernunzio's, except for my having sent them lots of money for vintage instruments.

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