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 I see all the bickering on BHO and understand why there is no t off topic section on here,

 But what I would like to see & know is more about yall.   LIKE  

When you started playing,,, what got you into this banjo style, what your workin on now, stuff like that.

Nobody I know personally is interested in this type of music,  to me it would really be cool to hear your story how you got here.

 If not ok, maybe Ill make a gathering someday.


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Great question. We actually had a recent thread on "getting started" that Tim created: http://minstrelbanjo.ning.com/forum/topics/how-did-you-start

Start here, see what you think, and contribute something.


There is already a gathering, the National Museum of Civil War Medicine is hosting one as part of Antietam National Battlefield's Music Weekend, Friday, June 24th to Sunday June 26th of this year at the Pry House.  I will attach the information.  If you'd like to get to know your fellow early American banjo lovers, this is the place to do it.

Hi, Steve!

I understand your longing to get to know other banjoists/ bone players especially face to face.  So many musicians playing period styles are isolated.  There is nothing like having a community of people with a similar affliction - umm- cough- interest especially when you want to share triumphs or ask "stupid" questions.  


I went along with John to the Early Banjo Gathering (2 and 3) - even though I don't play banjo - and had the most marvelous time!  I do play other instruments and was made very welcome.  Getting to know everyone was a GREAT experience - playing together - hanging out - it really is a musical slightly disfunctional family.  I know as much was learned in the mentoring /jam time as in the presentations - and just having time to ask those off topic questions (where did you get your vest?) was priceless too.  Beginners were just as welcome as experts.  


Interestingly enough, more than half of the banjo players also play bones.  

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