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"Dere He Goes, Dat's Him"  and "United States it Am the Place"

Where are these 2 found in the old books?

Also, if anyone has TABS for these two, i'd really appreciate it.


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Here is one of the Lisa,

Hmm, I guess he published songs but not a formal book:

During Emmett’s lifetime, Emmett published at least 30 songs between 1843 and 1865, most of which are banjo tunes or walk-arounds. During 1859 and 1869, he composed another 25 tunes that are still in manuscript at the Ohio Historical Society, in Columbus.

Thanks so much Wes...  for the regular 'flute' SMN of...Dat's Him!   

And thank you Joel- your copy is easy to read of the United States....

Don't forget...John has it in his book.

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