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I'm giving two short talks to a group of high school, then middle school students tomorrow on the history of the banjo. One is a guitar class and one is a strings class. I will break up my talking with musical examples (recorded and live) and a basic ppt of pictures. I am hoping to finish with a group song (I'm not sure of their level so we'll just wing it!)

If there was something you could pass on, what would it be?

A slice of history, your favorite story, an obscure banjo fact. I want to these kids to understand a little more about this instrument and, hopefully, instill in them a desire to study music on a deeper level. I want them to learn, question, and explore because they are able to develop a personal relationship with their instrument, what ever it may be. 

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Thanks Valerie, I'll look up Paul's page.


He also makes ekontings out of more authentic materials.You can't really see the pegs, but this is the scale of his e-can-ting.

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