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There has not been a group discussion for quite some time. How about sharing a bit of your journey? Tell us what you are working on or curious about. A project? A goal? Your new instrument?

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Hi Tim!

I retired in Oct. of 2019 and have been doing all the things necessary to move our household 500mi East to South Carolina. Finally got a few instruments up in the music room just last week. I've ordered more track to hang instruments along the back wall, so the Ashborn will go up soon (and will again be played). Everything has been packed away so I haven't really played much since we moved.

I also just got my workbench installed in the workshop. More unboxing and cleaning and then I will start building instruments (banjos, guitars, mandolins, etc.). Hopefully 2022 will allow us all to travel more. It would be nice to see everybody again!

That's great news Marc. Hope you enjoy your well deserved retirement. 

I've been working through some Converse and Buckley. I do have a couple of books full of tunes in notation. I need to "translate" them, hoping it leads to reading the notation. And, I need to get back into the habit of making videos...Really, I'm just trying to get into respectable shape, supposing the Sweeney Convergence is on this year. Also, any word on Antietam too?? 

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