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Check Terry's facebook page (Bell Banjos) for the latest from Terry. Wishing him well....

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(borrowed from David Brooks on the BHO)

Here's the message on the Bell Banjo Facebook page:

Hi folks. Just got out of the hospital after my rare cancer surgery, cytoreduction with "Hipec." i've got banjos boxed and banjos to be boxed for shipment very soon. After I get my stitches out early in the week, things are rolling and banjos will be flying out of here. Thanks for your patience.

Here's a link to that page: https://www.facebook.com/bellbanjos

Great news!! I emailed him concerning my Stichter build and didn't hear anything, as he is pretty quick to reply. Thanks for the update, since I use social media.
Ooops!! Typo...i do NOT use social media...lack of a negative can sure make a sentence seem nasty...
You did hear from him? Sorry...not sure how to interrupt that. I've been waiting to hear from him for months.
William, not yet through my email. I was responding to the spacebook post someone pasted from his page.

It is 2019 and still no word of Terry. Hope he is ok.

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