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I nominate Paul Draper to pick one for this week

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I've been messing around w/ Tim's Buckley's Guide for the Banjo 1868...hint hint...lol

Why...thank you...  let me think on it and I’ll get back to you. Right now I’m off to a wine “tasting”...

Might be an interesting choice as soon as you arrive home.

How about “Zinfandel’s Delight?” ....  Or “The Wages of Zin?”

Quit yer whining

But seriously... I suggest “Pea Nut Girl” from the Buckley, 1868 book page 25, or conveniently tabbed out for you in Tim’s book.  Play it stroke style or finger style, and post your results at week’s end. See you then!  Have fun!

Nice pick. Loving all these new tunes

This is a good'un.  While plugging the original score into Lilypond for purposes of transposing it to "concert pitch" I noticed that the engraver accidentally put the key signature as A major, not A minor.

Yeah, and I just noticed in the 3rd to last measure the C “natural” is omitted. Must’ve run out of natural signs...

The trickiest part of this tune for me are the first four measures of the second part

I get tripped up trying to jump from that G-Ab-G lick back up to the 3rd fret between the 2nd-3rd measure of the 'B' part.  playing it as a hammer-and-snap (instead of trying to individually pick both the first G and the Ab) seems to be helping.

Paul Draper said:

The trickiest part of this tune for me are the first four measures of the second part

In case anyone wants to fool around with accompaniment, here are the chords (the diagrams are for guitar, but of course any instrument will do.)  The first one is in G minor, suitable for Briggs tuning.  The second is for modern C tuning, gCGDB.

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