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It sure is quiet here. Does anybody want to do something like a Tune Of The Week again?

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Catching on to this slowly but surely. Man, it's a stretch!! It gets me on Jordan Am a Hard Road to Travel and messes with me a bit on Briggs' Jig too...

Tim, I notice you play thumb lead on this. I'll try incorporating that...

Let's take all next week to post our results. I enjoy the side discussions that result. Anyone notice the opening motif in a few others in the Green Book?

I notice comments about stretching to hit those opening notes. You really don'y need to. Hit one and shift to the next. There is space in between each note. 

I think a key part for me of learning new tunes with different fingering patterns I'm not used to is to slow down. Like so slow it's almost hard to play. That allows me to appreciate the space between the notes and figure out where my fingers are headed. Then I slowly up the tempo as I build muscle memory in the fingers.

I'm the same way, Chris. I also noticed Tim was shifting rather than stretching and that helped a lot. My problem is that sometimes I'm so slow it sounds nothing like the song. So, I just work in chunks. 

Not to beat a dead horse, but if you’re  looking for economy of motion, raising the 4th allows you to play out of a  D chord formation while the banjo is tuned to E.  Plus you can end the tune with a strong D chord. That’s just me. 

So, what cool fun this has been! Want to do it again?

I'm down

Ok...throw some tune ideas out there

Yep, I'm in. I need the challenge. Left to my own devices, more times than not, I'll find something on the easy side. 

Not sure what we will pick, but we should move it around.....maybe the Rice book next time. Check out all the different flavors available.

I'll dig around and see if I can come up with some this evening

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