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It sure is quiet here. Does anybody want to do something like a Tune Of The Week again?

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I realize what you are saying.....actually plays "as sounded".

Converse, in this book and being the banjo egghead he was, was making an academic exercise out of music

True. Remember, I was a mere beginner when I first started playing this tune. That 5th fret stretch seemed insurmountable way back then...  I now know that this is ridiculous...

Al....you should give us a fiddle version

Thanks for the tab Tim.

I got thrown off by the two sharps which to me generally indicates to use my Briggs banjo. Then I read the instruction to play the d and g a semitone lower than E and got super confused. But it made more sense when I used my A/E banjo. Im gonna try and not use the tabs but great to have as back up!

Chris yea.....You have to go off from the upward flag stem on the thumb string. That issue is what created so many difficulties of comprehension in the Buckley 1860, where the back of the book is all fiddle tunes with no indication of that.

Ahhhh I see. Thanks for that pointer.

This one in particular. Do you play it so the open third string is the first note, or play it on the 5th fret of the fourth string????  I remember coming to AEBG II and having interpreted it differently than the other hotshots

Timothy Twiss said:

I usually played "Jake Bacchus' Jig" using the open 3rd string. That way the next note is a "hammer-on" slur (even though it isn't actually notated as a slur of any kind). It simply makes the piece flow easier for me.

Them Bacchus tunes have forever been super challenging for me. Field trip up the neck for sure haha

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