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It sure is quiet here. Does anybody want to do something like a Tune Of The Week again?

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Sounds like a great idea to me!!...I'm definitely in!!

Ok....what about something slightly off the beaten path....Antietam Jig from Green Converse?

The tune is known for Converse's effort to play in other keys without changing the tuning of the banjo. This one has the key signature of "D" but has the thumb string tuned to "E".

I will try I'm a bit of a slow learner but maybe I will nail it down by friday.

I like to raise the 4th string on this one, makes it easier to play....

I used to play it...but it has been so long that I would have to re-learn it.

BTW, I have finally and officially retired (as of last Friday). As soon as I we can get this house sold and move to our vacation/retirement home in Myrtle Beach, SC, I'll be dragging out the Ashborn and getting my playing back up to snuff. I'm planning on attending shows, camps and gatherings again starting in 2020.

I am fairly confused by this tune. How should my banjo be tuned for this one? I thought I had it but I watched a vid and I'm not playing it right at all haha I'm also a bit rusty on the dots 

In Briggs tuning, I bring the 4th string up to A.  In Rice tuning I bring the 4th string up to B.  Makes for less stretching 

I created TAB for this. I encourage trying to play that note on the 4th string as written. This was part of the purpose and beauty of the Green Converse Book. Almost like Bach's Well Tempered Clavier.....he wanted to have the banjo play in many keys without re-tuning. It has a key signature of "D" but the banjo remains tuned to "E". It does lay well. Come on and man up to it...haha. Attached is a PDF. Let me know if you find mistakes.


Ok ok...


Btw i play the note as written, just at the 3rd fret instead of the 5th. Musically, nothing changes...

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