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I was looking at some YouTube videos today and came across this. There is only sound and it’s not the greatest quality, but there’s some great music by Clarke and friends including some old favorite banjo tunes.


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  The Notes:

On March 7, 1992. The Skirtlifters: Clark Buehling- dialog/ banjo, Jim Lansford- fiddle/ banjo/ guitar, Billy Matthews- fiddle/ guitar, Pete Howard- bass/ fiddle. Warmup before concert, sound check Jim Lansford- banjo 1. "Ragtime Dance" (in G) Scott Joplin tune 2. Medley- "Jump Up Joanie" (in A) "Joseph Won the Coded Fiddle" (in D) Concert begins Clark Buehling M.C. 1. "On the Mill Dam Gallop" (in A & D) 2. "I'm Gwine Over the Mountains" (in C & G) Clark sings. 3. "Smokey Moss" (in C & F) Clark explains a cakewalk. 4. "Hell Broke Loose in Georgia" (in C) 5. "I Cook A Possum" Clark sings. Vermont story on how to cook a duck. 6. Unidentified tune 7. Unidentified tune 8. "Hawks & Eagles"/ "Lady of the Lake" 9. Unidentified tune 10. "Old Dan Tucker" (in A) ...end side 1a... Side 1b 11. Unidentified tune 12. "Footlight Favorites" 13. Unidentified tune (in A) 14. Unidentified tune (in A) 15. "Joseph Won the Coded Fiddle" (in D) 16. "Grape Vine Twist"/ "Matt Peel's Twist" Clark- Gourd shell banjo 17. "Ragtime Dance" 18. "Dog Tunes" 19. Unidentified tune 20. "Power of Love" (in A) ...end of concert...

Wow good find, that channel has a few goodies. Thanks for sharing.

Yes, I noticed there are some other Skirtlifters concerts on there along with a whole bunch of other neat stuff. 

Chris Prieto said:

Wow good find, that channel has a few goodies. Thanks for sharing.

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