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In case anyone might be interested, I just listed my Tackhead on eBay. I bought this banjo to hold me over until I completed my Boucher kit. It is well played but has no issues whatsoever. This banjo was built, finished and assembled in Terry's shop so not to worry about my 'workmanship' on this instrument. Its a beaut and a joy to play.

Check it out here if you are interested:  Bell Tackhead

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Someone buy it quickly.....I need the cash for Tim!   :-0

Sold it on Ebay....Tim'll get his money and I'll get his gourd banjo on Thursday...  Hope the new owner is as happy with the tackhead as I was. (You got a great banjo and a very good price.) It more than served its purpose for me.

Hi Hugh. I'm that lucky winner! My first fretless. Hope I'm ready for the challenge. Congrats on the new gourd banjo. Perhaps you will post a video or two for us to enjoy?

Hey Tom,

Packing it now. It will go out tomorrow USPS parcel select, 2-9 days (so they say). Get Tim Twiss's stuff (tab and recordings) and it makes it a lot easier, so I've found. The bridge is in a bag in on the neck. Any questions or problems when it gets to you be sure and let me know. And, it's insured but hopefully we won't need to use it!

Fretless and stroke style go together better for me than fretless and clawhammer did--really enjoying the minstrel stuff. Looking forward to my gourd for sure. and a video????? We'll see.

hugh    oh yeah, and.....THANX to you.

Tom....did you get the banjo yet. Darn USPS tracking system stinks--or maybe it is accurate and the shipping stinks although on some transactions their actual shipping has improved--HOPE THIS IS ONE OF THEM. My banjo from Tim was a couple days early--before promised! Go figure......


Hi Hugh. No, still waiting. USPS says tomorrow (Tuesday). Here's hoping the skin handles the tempatures.

Hi Hugh. No, still waiting. USPS says tomorrow (Tuesday). Here's hoping the skin handles the tempatures.

Tomorrow...it's only a day away!  The skin should handle it. It's been Texas HOT, Oklahoma COLD, Texas and Oklahoma WET, and Texas dry--all with undetectable effect on the tension. Terry's treatment (hair spray?) seems to work like a charm.

I have pretty good luck with USPS. I think the holiday weekend throws it off.

Yup.....I'd agree. They are very quick these days....and not to pricey if you take time to really search out the options of on-line postage through eBay/PayPal (for those of us who would have to travel 15 miles to the nearest post office!). Been using USPS rather than UPS/FedEx lately and quite satisfied. (and they did say 2-9 days on the banjo so they are still within their "promise"!

Hugh, it arrived today! Appears to be in great shape. Will be giving it a test drive later tonight. I am amazed at how light weight it is. Thanks again for the opportunity!

Glad to hear that! Exactly my first impression. The 2nd surprise was 'it can't be this loud and full sounding'. It is/was!

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