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Does anyone have full size plans available for a wide neck minstrel banjo. I have made many gourd banjos but I would like to make a correct neck.

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Hi Barry,

You might want to read the "Opinions on Boucher Minstrel Design" topic.  I'll eventually have a full size downloadable plan on my website, but It's not ready for primetime yet.  There is a preliminary front view and additional details in my photos section.



You might want to check the banjo sightings database. 





If you click on the more info button you can get the dimensions of various parts of a number of the banjos.

That's great. Can you give me an idea of how wide the neck is at the rim and at the nut. They seem extremely wide. I'm sure I can do the rest.
1-1/2" at nut and 2-1/2" at neck, although there is a lot of variance in many of the Bouchers I've been looking at.

thanks Randy Now I can make my patterns.

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