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Long time, no talk...
I haven't posted in quite a while. I've been sidetracked by my open back banjo. In doing so, I noticed something curious...
Usually, I'm a middle finger striker. For whatever reason, I started striking with my pointer/index. I noticed the tone wasn't nearly as "muddy". It's clearer, crisper. 
I haven't decided if it's an anatomical difference, or I'm not as deep into the stings, or something else.
So, in some ways, I'm kind of starting over. The 2-3 millimeters is a HUGE difference. 
Anyways, I'll soon be posting again...
Or maybe you all were enjoying the absence, like my wife daughter HAHAHA (Hey, I can take a good self-deprecating joke)

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Always feels good to overcome a stumbling block.....good luck 

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