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I find that Stroke and Fingerstyle often work interchangeably, and can even be used in the same tune. Does anybody else have a similar experience? I call it "Hybrid" playing......there is no science to it other than applying the technique as needed for each passage.

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Tim, I use both fingerstyle and stroke in some tunes. Some of the tunes in Buckley 1868 work well; Tenpenny Bit, Sugar in De Gourd, Blue Bell Valse, to name a few. I use fingerstyle at times on arpeggios on adjacent strings or chord formations, then switch to stroke on other passsages. Actually picked it up from some of your playing and it smoooths some of the areas out.

yes it does, and what's more, it's much more interesting from the audience's point of view (or ear ?), keeps things more interesting !

a great point you have made here .... :)

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