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Hey everyone....best to ya! Thought maybe we should check in and give a blurb about what might be going on this year with your banjo goals. What is happening in your corner of the world?

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I'm trying to play more music, banjo and fiddle. I'm getting out to the oldtime jam in the area now that I'm retired. I played for the NMCWM at Christmas, and talked with them about maybe doing some jams in the Pry house barn when the weather gets better. 

 Al, I'm not sure anyone's entirely comfortable in front of folks, I sometimes think the best gigs are the ones where you can just fade into the woodwork and play. I do have to remind myself of the positive comments I've gotten even when I'm thinking "I really screwed that one up". I tell you if you lived down this way I'd be dragging you all over the place you're a fine player.

Funny Wes.  I was just reading your first paragraph and thought to myself, "I'm going to reply and say that I wish I was in the area and could join him."  I fear I'll never see the Pry barn again!  And.....thanks, Steve, for your encouragement.

Al Smitley said:

For me, I'd just like to learn to feel comfortable playing in public!  How do I get there?!?

Considering that I've seen you play concerts barefoot on more than one occasion Al...I'm afraid to imagine what the next step would be in 'feeling comfortable'...   lolol   ;D

 I got to play with my brother in law today for a couple hours. I didn't get any real pain, but I switched frm banjo to mando to guitar off and on.  He is up for trying some reenacting period music. He took to the spoon and tambo and jawbone too.  Hes no King B. but he give some rhythm to hold her together. 

I just want to relearn some songs I lost and get out there with him in a month . Its almost 3 months to the next larger reenact at Washington On the Brazos.  we wont be no Camptown Shakers, but only they are.

oh Al , your welcome and I  am sincere 

I consider you all wonderful players!   Banjo makes people happy.    :)

Too funny- today i ran into a young man about 30 to whom I had given banjo lessons about 15 years ago when he was a teen.  When chatting, he asked me if I had taken up any other instruments aside from banjo in the intervening years, and I told him about a couple, including the bones. He seemed interested so I gave him my youtube channel name so he could go home and watch my beginner bones video...and he looked at me amazed and said "You have a Youtube channel??".... Like, silver haired little old ladies aren't supposed to know what youtube channels are...   Hey, I even know what the world wide web is !   ;D

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