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Here is a danged interesting biographical sketch of a 16 year old George Rockefeller, who in 1859 built his own tackhead banjo, and "bought for a dollar a book entitled, Phil. Rice's Method, With or Without an Instructor," which in George's case was "without." "  After enlisting in company E of the 108th New York Infantry Regiment in July, 1861, he "regaled his comrades in camp with his various melodies."




Also, scroll down to page 91 for a rare sketch of Dave Reed, famous for his "Sally Come Up" that he performed with Buckley's Serenaders and Bryant's Minstrels.

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"..strings and keys.."   I had to stop and think a minute.

Hey, good find. The guy before him must be the figure of  "Stanwoods Favorite" by Frank Converse. Keep digging Carl, we appreciate it.

Could very well be, Tim.  Stanwood died in 1886, just as the Analytical was going to press.


There are probably many more interesting and relevant people profiled in there, I haven't had time to scroll through them all.

Thanks Carl for posting this material.  I just finished reading it and found it all very informative.

I understand that you are taking good care of my friend Mark Weems this week.

Glad you enjoyed it, James.  Mark is a heckuva banjo player.  He's using my gourd and my tackhead to practice with this week.  

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